Supporting Partners of DVAG

September 2016

The Planning Committee of the Delaware Valley Archivists’ Group (DVAG) is excited to announce a new pilot program. Since its inception, DVAG has relied on individual membership dues to support our activities, but beginning in 2017/2018 DVAG will invite institutions to become a Supporting Partner of DVAG. Funds donated by Supporting Partners will allow the DVAG PC to plan an additional event each year, more ambitious and larger-scale than our typical meetings, that will benefit the entire local archival community. Supporting Partners will be recognized on the DVAG website and all advertisements for the event, and will also receive an annual accounting of Supporting Partners funds.

The types of programming the DVAG Planning Committee could implement with increased support might include:

  • Local instances of workshops or webinars from the Society of American Archivists
  • The ability to bring software experts to town
  • Honoraria and travel expenses for out of town speakers
  • Day-long seminars or conferences

The DVAG PC has already contacted over a dozen local institutions to gauge likely interest in the Supporting Partner option, and has discovered broad-based enthusiasm for the possibility. In recognition of the careful planning that goes into departmental budgets, the working group focused on this option has recommended that it be launched in one year’s time. From June to December of 2017, the DVAG PC will solicit institutions to become Supporting Partners of DVAG by making a contribution to the program. The DVAG Programming Committee will tally the contributions, and depending on the funds received, plan the first Supporting Partner Event to take place in the 2018 calendar year.

Now, we need your help. Please speak to your supervisor about the advantages of becoming a Supporting Partner of DVAG. If multiple institutions pool our resources in this way, we can bring first-class professional development opportunities to Philadelphia, benefiting the entire local archival community. A community that  includes potential future staff of your institution, potential collaborators and consultants on your projects, and allies in increasing the capacity of our entire region to be good stewards of Philadelphia’s documentary heritage. As your department head begins to plan her/his budget for the 2017/2018 fiscal year, encourage her/him to invest in professional development, invest in community, and invest in DVAG by planning to become a Supporting Partner. Below you will find an advocacy letter with background and talking points. You may use the information in it as the basis for a conversation, or simply forward the whole letter, with your endorsement, to your supervisor, department head, or other decision-maker at your institution.


We thank you in advance for your assistance and support.


The Delaware Valley Archivists Group Planning Committee, 2016