’s Deb Boyer interprets website metrics

Contributed by Jenna Marrone

The DVAG meeting held last Thursday, March 21, at the Mummers Museum sparkled with pageantry, pizzazz, and that most glamorous of user engagement tools – metrics.

Azavea’s Deb Boyer spoke on the benefits of using website metrics to evaluate the ways in which users interact with digital collections.  Based on her experience with PhillyHistory, Deb advised that metrics are much more than just a series of statistics.  Programs such as Google Analytics, and even basic user surveys, produce data that can be analyzed to determine trends and patterns of user engagement.  Website metrics can reveal who is viewing digital collections, how they’re accessing them, what they are looking at, how long they’re staying on the site, and the ways in which they navigate the collections.  This information allows institutions to better understand how and why users interact with a website’s content, and to tailor project priorities to better meet their needs.  In addition, website metrics enable institutions to provide statistical evidence of project success – a key advantage when pursuing new streams of funding.  For more information, you can review Deb’s presentation:

Joan Decker, Records Commissioner for the City of Philadelphia, and Conservation Consultant Jill Rawnsley were also on hand to answer questions and kindly provided statistics from the City Archives.  For more information on PhillyHistory, the City Archives, or website metrics in general, feel free to email Deb at or contact the City of Philadelphia Department of Records.

Many thanks go to Deb Boyer, Joan Decker and Jill Rawnsley for their presentations.  Thanks also go out to the Mummers Museum, particularly, Executive Director, Palma Lucas, for their kind hospitality.  After the meeting, Palma gave a short talk on the history of the Mummers and a tour of the museum, allowing attendees to wander through the colorful displays of truly impressive Mummery.

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