The Chair presides at meetings of the Planning Committee, prepares and distributes agendas of meetings, reports on Planning Committee meetings to the general DVAG membership, prepares a column for each issue of the Arranger, and appoints members and chairs of ad-hoc committees. 1 year following Vice-Chair year.


Alex Palma (term began January 2023)

Carpenters’ Hall

320 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

The Vice-Chair serves as Chair if the Chair is unable to perform the duties of the office, heads Program Committee responsible for scheduling DVAG meetings, and provides write-ups of DVAG meetings for the Arranger.Elected, 1 year then takes Chair.

Vice Chair:
Patrick Burden
(term began January 2023)

The Secretary records and distributes minutes of the Planning Committee meetings. Elected (odd years), 2 years, renewable 1 term.

Kaitlyn Pettengill
(term began January 2022)

The Treasurer reviews and keeps the financial records of DVAG, manages DVAG finances and bank account, prepares reports, and files any forms required by state or federal government on behalf of DVAG. Elected (odd years), 2 years, renewable 1 term.

Briana Giasullo
(term began 2022)

Access Services Librarian

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Communications Manager

The Communications Manager collects and distributes information on interest to DVAG membership via the DVAG blog and social media. The Communications Manager is also responsible for web-hosting, web design, and other website management. Elected (even years), 2 years, renewable 1 term.

Communications Manager:
Faith Denny (term began January 2023)

Membership Coordinator
The Membership Coordinator maintains membership records, provides applications and membership information, e-mails membership renewal notices. Elected (even years), 2 years, renewable 1 term.

Membership Coordinator:

Kathy Haas (term began 2021)
Founder’s Hall, Girard College

The Archivist is responsible for records scheduling, maintaining DVAG records during tenure, and transferring records of enduring value to the DVAG records collection at Temple University as appropriate. Appointed (even years), 2 years, renewable 1 term

Christine Nieman (term began 2022)

Digital Archives Assistant

Drexel University

At-Large Members
The At-Large Members attend committee meetings and participate in planning and decision-making processes for DVAG activities. Appointed, 2 years, renewable ongoing

Keeley Tulio (term began 2022)

Robert McInnes (term began 2021)
Research and Archives Services Librarian

Westminster Theological Seminary

2960 Church Road Glenside, PA 19038                                                                                                     

Past Chair:

Erica Harman (term began January 2022)

Caroline Hayden (term began January 2022)

Kelsey Duinkerken (term began January 2019)

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Delaware Valley Archivists Group
P.O. Box 17162
Philadelphia, PA 19105

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