Staff update from the Barnes

Submitted by: Barbara Anne Beaucar, MA, CA

Associate Archivist

The Barnes Foundation

Amanda and intern Carly, working on an architectural drawing together

The Barnes Foundation is pleased to announce that Amanda McKnight began working full time for the Archives, Libraries, and Special Collections department in July 2013 with the new title of Assistant  Archivist and Librarian.

Amanda holds an MLS from the University of Maryland and, before relocating to Philadelphia, she worked for the National Archives and Records Administration. She has worked in the Barnes Foundation Archives for two years, beginning as a volunteer and, since April 2012, as a part-time assistant archivist. During that time, she completed processing three archival collections, including the papers of Laura Leggett Barnes, and she continues to assist with the large number of visiting researchers and archival reference requests experienced since the re-opening of the archives last summer.

As Amanda’s new title indicates, she will also be managing the horticulture library on the Foundation’s Merion campus. She plans to develop a collection that will more adequately support the activities and the needs of the arboretum staff, and the faculty and students of the horticulture school.

Amanda supervised summer intern Carly Schmidt, an art history/studio art major from Wagner College, on a project to inventory and arrange the original drawings, blueprints, and copies of the land scape architecture plans and of the architectural plans of the buildings on the Merion site and also those of Ker-Feal, the former country residence of Dr. and Mrs. Barnes.

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