From Your New Chair, Laurie Rizzo

I want to thank the DVAG members for such a great year. It was wonderful to meet so many new people and hear you share your insight, opinions and expertise. At our last meeting, which was a group discussion, we weren’t able to cover all the topics and there were some really important ones. Shortly these discussion topics and questions will be posted to the DVAG blog in order to continue the dialog online – I hope that everyone will participate in an online discussion regardless as to whether you attended the meeting or not.

There is an exciting year ahead for DVAG.  Our quarterly general meetings will be spearheaded by the new DVAG Vice-Chair, Christiana Dobrzynski Grippe.  Grippe is the  Project Manager for the PACSCL/CLIR Hidden Collections Processing Project.  She has some great things in store for all of us this year.

The planning committee for Archives Month has already begun to organize festivities for October 2014. It surely will be another incredible month of events, meetups, and exhibitions. If interested in getting involved please contact Bayard Miller (

You’ll be hearing from us soon with information about the next DVAG meeting. Until then, on behalf of the Planning Committee I want to thank you for your support of DVAG events as we look forward to bringing you more great programming in the new year.

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