Report from your Chair

Contributed by Laurie Rizzo, DVAG Chair

It is spring in the Delaware Valley, a new cohort of graduates are entering the workforce, some projects are coming to an end, and other projects are just beginning. As our set of local patrons wanes for the summer, a new set of scholars will begin to take this time to travel to perform their research and continue to keep reading rooms busy and bustling. Even though the workload does not lighten and many don’t have windows at work, the changes of the season are still felt.

We are halfway through the year and there’s more DVAG meetings ahead, not to mention SAA’s Annual meeting, MARAC Fall meeting and Archives Month! Once again DVAG members are working together to bring together a number of happenings around the Greater Philadelphia area in honor of Archives Month. These events highlight the awesome work being done by archivists in an effort to broaden archives reach to researchers and the community at large.  The number of archives and cultural institutions in the Delaware Valley that come together, collaborate and consult with one another is inspiring and what makes this area special.

DVAG is an organization devoted to its membership. On behalf of the Planning Committee I would like to extend our openness to your ideas and suggestions. We are here to meet your needs. There are already great things in store for us this year, but there is always more to plan, organize and execute. If you have things you would like to see from DVAG please let us know.


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