ABA + MARAC + 19th century warship

chip-olympia and becuna
Submarine Becuna and Cruiser Olympia, image courtesy Independence Seaport Museum

Save the date for June 4th, when you can spend some quality time with other Delaware Valley archivists while getting behind-the-scenes tours of the USS Olympia, the oldest steel warship still afloat in the whole world! You can walk there from Center City via the Walnut Street footbridge, park at the Penn’s Landing lot, or find street parking before crossing I-95 at Walnut or Dock Streets.

The event will feature:

– An introduction to the museum and the Olympia, including an overview of their genealogy project to research former crew members.

– A guided tour of the Olympia, which depending on interest, could include special access to the lower decks and engine room.

– A post-tour gathering for food and socializing (probably pizza and soda). Weather permitting, this will be held outside on the fantail of the ship!

Special notes:

– The event will be free to us and take place after the site closes to the public. In exchange for this, the Independence Seaport Museum is hoping to solicit support from those of us who attend, either with research assistance or help making the information accessible.

– The event will have a cap of 35 people, so an RSVP will be mandatory. To RSVP: http://doodle.com/k7dgd4iw5p9rg4mk


When: Thursday, June 4th. 5:00pm to 7:30pm
Where: The Independence Seaport Museum @ Penns Landing on the Delaware River.


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