DVAG is Organizing a Book Club!

Looking for something interesting to read this fall?

The DVAG Programming Committee is organizing a book club for members to discuss this year’s SAA One Book, One Profession selection: Through the Archival Looking Glass: A Reader on Diversity and Inclusion. This collection of ten essays incorporates theory and case studies to explore diversity, representation, authority, neutrality, objectivity, and power within the archival profession.

Joining the Discussion

Those interested in joining the book club discussion, can sign up here.

Purchasing the Book

If you are interested in joining, but need to purchase a book, you can do so at the following discount:

  • Members: Each book will be $31.95 ($29.95+ $2 shipping) instead of the individual SAA member price of $49.95 or the full price of $69.95.

This discount only applies to print copies; e-books will have to be purchased independently.

To ensure we order the exact number of books, please place your order via PayPal by Tuesday, July 4th.

Buy Now Button

After the books have arrived, you will be contacted about how to pick them up.

The book club will take place Saturday, September 23. We will provide more specific details of where and when the book club meeting will take place once any ordered books have arrived. We look forward to a dynamic discussion and hope that you can join us.

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