2020 Year-End Report

Man, 2020 has been a rough year. Not only did COVID-19 wreak havoc on us, but multiple times we were faced with the injustices that exist in our society and in our own line of work. I would love to recap with you all the great events that were planned this year, but we needed to take time to figure things out after everything when topsy-turvy in Spring.

But 2021 is coming up, and while we can’t predict how things will shape up, we can learn from everything that happened this year. We can make 2021 better. Keep an eye out for more programming coming soon, and if you have any suggestions for topics or locations, please reach out to vicechairDVAG@gmail.com

I want to give a huge thank you to our Planning Committee members – Erica Harman (Vice Chair), Mary Hanes (Secretary), Shaun Kirkpatrick (Treasurer), Alex Palma (At-Large Member), Sarah Leu (At-Large Member), Chrissie Perella (At-Large Member), Sara Borden (Membership Coordinator), Holly Mengel (Communications Manager), Kelsey Duinkerken (Past Chair), and Kat Antonelli (Archivist). I also would like to thank the members of our SAA Travel Grant Committee and our Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. The PC would not have been the same without your dedication, and your continued dedication will make next year even better.

Our 2020 Planning Committee election is still open until January 14th; if you would like to join this great team of dedicated people, submit a nomination for one of our open positions!

Every individual member makes DVAG what it is, and I feel so lucky that we have such a dedicated membership. Thank you everyone for sticking with us through this tough time. I hope you all have a Happy New Year, and if you have ideas for DVAG events or initiatives, please don’t hesitate to email chairDVAG@gmail.com

Caroline Hayden, Chair

Delaware Valley Archivists Group                        

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