PC changes & election news!

Some important announcements about the state of your PC, Delaware Valley Archivists.

  1. Our Chair, Amanda Mita, has resigned due to other commitments, effective August 9, 2016.  The PC sincerely thanks Amanda for her service to DVAG and wishes her well in her future endeavors.
  2. As per Section 3.5 of our bylaws (available here as a PDF), our Vice-Chair, Hillary Kativa, has assumed the role of Chair and we are holding a special election to fill the office of Vice-Chair.

Because this special election comes so late in the year and to avoid holding 2 elections in quick succession (one special election in September and another in December, per our usual timetable), the PC has decided to hold all 2016 officer elections now, with the following provisions:

  1. The Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: term to begin immediately following the election (September 2016) and extend through December 2017, at which point the Vice-Chair will assume the role of Chair (2018) and then Immediate Past Chair (2019).
  2. For the elected PC positions whose terms end in December 2016, Membership Coordinator and Communications Manager, candidates will assume office in January 2017, per the usual timetable.

To that end, the DVAG PC is currently seeking candidates for the following positions:

Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: The Vice-Chair position is a 3-year commitment, with the person serving one year each as Vice-Chair, then Chair, then Past Chair. The Vice-Chair is responsible for organizing meetings (with the help of the rest of the Planning Committee). Questions about serving as Vice-Chair/Chair Elect? Email Hillary Kativa: chairDVAG@gmail.com

Membership Coordinator: The Membership Coordinator is a 2-year commitment, renewable 1 term. This officer maintains membership records, emails renewal notices, handles the membership application process, and works with the DVAG Treasurer to process membership fee payments. Questions about serving as Membership Coordinator? Email Celia Caust-Ellenbogen: membershipDVAG@gmail.com

Communications Manager: The Communications Manager is a 2-year commitment, renewable 1 term, and is responsible for managing DVAG’s website and blog, distributing content to the listserv, and maintaining other social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter. Questions about serving as Communications Manager? Email Sarah Newhouse: dvarchivists@gmail.com

Serving as a DVAG officer is a great opportunity to get more involved in the organization, as well as the local archives community, and we especially welcome students and early professionals to run for any of these positions.

Our Chair is accepting candidate statements and nominations until Friday, September 2nd. Ballots will be distributed via email after Labor Day and the election results will be announced at our next DVAG general meeting on September 21st. If you’re interested in running for any of these positions, please email a brief bio and a statement of why you want to hold this office to Hillary Kativa: chairDVAG@gmail.com. And please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the DVAG PC with questions about the election, bylaws, or the process detailed here.

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