Fedora Interest Group

Attention archivists with digital repositories! There’s been a call for a local Fedora Interest Group in the Philadelphia area. This would be a meet-up for GLAM-types who are using Fedora — or are thinking about using it– with Islandora, Hydra, or another front-end option. As added incentive, it’s likely that these meet-ups would include presentations and … More Fedora Interest Group

New Gallery: Colonization in the Foulke Papers

Contributed by Scott Ziegler William Parker Foulke, widely remembered for discovering the first dinosaur bones in America, was deeply interested in a number of reform causes. Not the least of which was the effort to colonize freed slaves in Africa. A new gallery, Colonization in the Foulke Papers, focuses on these efforts. Building off of the African … More New Gallery: Colonization in the Foulke Papers