New Gallery: Colonization in the Foulke Papers

Contributed by Scott Ziegler

William Parker Foulke, widely remembered for discovering the first dinosaur bones in America, was deeply interested in a number of reform causes. Not the least of which was the effort to colonize freed slaves in Africa.

A new gallery, Colonization in the Foulke Papers, focuses on these efforts. Building off of the African American History Note in the Foulke Papers, this gallery expands the access of these materials by scanning and adding them to the APS Digital Library.

The gallery also presents a timeline of relevant events, brief biographical sketches of those Foulke corresponds with on the topic of colonization, and a bibliography for future research on the topic.

Scholars interested in the colonization cause are encouraged to use this gallery as a front door to the resources available in the William Parker Foulke Papers at the American Philosophical Society.

See the gallery here:

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