Rights and Permissions Workshop – June 26, Temple University

Workshop Slides (pdf)


Does your institution grant publication rights to researchers?

Are you interested in learning how to protect your rights, the rights of your donors, and the rights of researchers?Jean Dryden, an expert on archives and copyright and professor at the University of Maryland School of Information, will lead a workshop about practicing sensible copyright policies for rights and permissions contracts.

The workshop will provide an overview of

  • Users’ rights,
  • Archives’ rights,
  • Donors’ rights,
  • Areas of ambiguity
  • Example rights and permissions policies that seem to strike a good balance
  • Common misconceptions about rights, permission and policies
  • Thoughts on how to avoid committing copyfraud

Participants will have an opportunity to work in groups to workshop their own rights and permissions policies, and may be able to leave the workshop with a re-worked document in hand.


Join us from 1:30 – 4:30 at the lecture hall on the ground floor of Paley Library, Temple University on Tuesday, June 26.



Looking forward to seeing you there!

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