Archives Month Philly: Philly History Quizzo


Congratulations to the “Nutter Fluffers” and “Pennsylvanians Against the World”! These were the two winning teams of Philly History Quizzo, the closing event of Archives Month Philly 2014. With 20 teams in the running – many of them including archivists, tour guides, and public historians – competition was stiff. The first round was Philadelphia history questions, the second round asked contestants to identify people and buildings in images from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania’s Digital Library, and the final round described 10 archival institutions that participated in Archives Month Philly this year. Prizes were awarded to the two top-scoring teams, the MC’s favorite team name (“Nightmare on Jawn Street”), and the lowest-scoring team (free passes to the Philadelphia History Museum – an opportunity to learn more about Philadelphia History). I think it’s fair to say, though, that a good time was had by all!

Big thanks to our event sponsors, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, and Philadelphia History Museum, and of course, our gracious hosts, National Mechanics.

One thought on “Archives Month Philly: Philly History Quizzo

  1. It was a fun evening! Many thanks to Celia Caust-Ellenbogen of HSP for doing such a great job of putting it all together.


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