Archives Month Philly: Nerd Nite

Posted on behalf of Bayard Miller.



The 2015 Archives Month Philly season officially kicked off last night over at Frankford Hall with a very special Nerd Nite: Archives Edition. The large crowd gathered to toast the night away and learn about ink, handwriting, and women doctors. Lisa Berry Drago took us from goat to manuscript with a presentation about early modern inks and pigments. Her ink samples gave the crowd the opportunity to show us their best handwriting which paired well with Tara O’Brien’s history of cursive handwriting and its relevance in modern society.



As the night went on, and the crowd was soothed by the musical styling of Lainey Quinn, Matt Herbison rounded out the evening as he discussed the history of women doctors, their struggle for acceptance in the mid-19th century, and the gender imbalance that remains 160 years later. In the spirit of Archives Month, Matt used primary source analysis to show us the various sides of the ungentlemanly and unwomanly nature of the fight. All said it was the perfect way to kick off a month full of exciting events.



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