Archives Month Philly: PhillyHistory’s 10th Birthday

IMG_20151021_171237836_HDR “PhillyHistory is a dinosaur,” joked Deb Boyer, Azavea project manager for the website. At 10 years old, it certainly stands out as a grande dame, if not a dinosaur, compared to the junior digital history projects that have proliferated in the past decade. Still, Philly History remains an extremely relevant, trend-setting, and useful resource after all this time, as panelists at the anniversary event on 10/21 testified.IMG_20151021_174646201_HDR

Ken Finkel of Temple University faculty (pictured), Jill Rawnsley of Philadelphia City Archives, and Hillary Kativa, former researcher for PhillyHistory, all shared their perspective on PhillyHistory’s ongoing impact for the crowd gathered in Philadelphia City Hall. If you still have never been to the website after all these years – or if it’s been a while – what are you waiting for? Check it out now!

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