Next meeting 5/11 @ Wagner Institute

[Posted on behalf of the Programming Committee]

In the spirit of the 2016 election season, our next DVAG meeting will be a town-hall forum on archival internships and we want to hear from YOU!

When: Wednesday, May 11th at 6:00 pm

Where: Wagner Free Institute of Science (1700 West Montgomery Avenue)

As Archives Gig’s recent discussion about unpaid internships attests, the ethics of archival internships, both paid and unpaid, remain a hot topic of debate within our community. Amidst a competitive job market and tight budgets, internships seem to raise as many questions as opportunities, among them:

  • What makes some internships “good” and some internships “bad?”

  • How can we better support and advocate for interns and early professionals?

  • Do the internships we offer build useful career skills?

  • Should archival institutions offer unpaid internships at all?

Please join us for a keynote address by Rebecca Goldman, Head of Archives and Digital Initiatives at La Salle University, followed by an open discussion of these issues and more. (For a sneak preview, check out Rebecca’s keynote from the Arizona Archives Alliance Fall 2015 symposium). We invite attendees, particularly interns and supervisors, to share their experiences and views both before and during the program. Have questions or comments to help shape our discussion? E-mail your thoughts to [Note: We will gladly respect the privacy of anyone who wishes to keep their questions and comments anonymous. Just submit them via Google forms].

We look forward to hearing from you and to a lively discussion on Wednesday, May 11th at the Wagner Free Institute of Science (more details to follow in the coming weeks).

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