Ethical internships & YOU


Our meeting Wednesday, 5/11 at the Wagner Institute of Free Science was both well attended and well received! The town hall meeting was anchored by a talk on the ethics of internships by Rebecca Goldman, the Head of Archives & Digital Initiatives at La Salle University.

Rebecca’s presentation is available here via La Salle Digital commons, complete with further reading suggestions and an outline of what internships should do at a minimum. I highly recommend clicking through for that slide alone, which would be a great starting point for creating an internship at your institution or shaping your own as an intern.


There was some discussion afterwards about the need for a place to document internship practices, to promote the work of our amazing interns, and to discuss your successes and near-misses with internship structures. On an entirely unrelated note, your friendly and accessible DVAG blog is always looking for content! Contact the DVAG Communications Manager at dvarchivist[at]gmail[dot]com with any suggestions!

The event was live-tweeted by your DVAG Communications Manager and PACSCL‘s Laura Blanchard. You can relive the excitement with our Storify, here:

Thank you to Rebecca for speaking and to the Wagner Institute for hosting! And an additional thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion! See you at our  next meeting, which will be on September 21st at the Kislak Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

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