Archives Month: Springerle at the German Society Of Pennsylvania

[Posted on behalf of Chrissie Perella]

The German Society of Pennsylvania

Archives Month Philly 2016 kicked off with sweet treats! The German Society of Pennsylvania hosted Ryan Berley (of Franklin Fountain and Shane’s Candies) for “Springerle and More: 19th century Cookie Molds.” Not only did we get to learn about the history of Springerle molds, we also got to taste the finished product! (Fun fact 1: “Springerle” comes from “little jumper” or little knight.”)

Ryan Berley talks about Sprignerle molds

Springerle cookies date to at least the 14th century, and many European molds were made of pear wood or beech wood.  Later molds, especially those made in the States, were composed of tin alloys or aluminum.  (Fun fact 2: You can buy replica molds at Fante’s in the Italian Market.)Springerle cookie molds from Ryan Berley's collection

Springerle cookies are sprinkled with anise or caraway seeds after imprinting the dough.  (Fun fact 3: The cookies get whiter as they bake, not darker!)  All in all, the first event of Archives Month Philly 2016 was a total success!  (The cookies at the end didn’t hurt, either.)

Springerle cookies

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