Archives Month: Exposed: Philadelphia Physicians in Photographs

[Posted on behalf of Kelsey Duinkerken]

Photographs on display at the College of Physicians library

On October 11 the Historical Library at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia hosted a small pop-up exhibit of photographs from its various collections. Since these photographs are rarely displayed this event offered an exciting look into the history of medicine throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries in Philadelphia, with images from various hospitals and colleges in the area.

A white, kind of dirty, cat named Tim the Hospital Cat from Philadelphia General Hospital

Highlights included residents dressed up for Halloween, Tim hospital cat (pictured above), and Dr. Rufus Weaver with Harriet, a complete dissection of the human cerebro-spinal nervous system preserved with zinc chloride.

Dr. Rufus Weaver with

Didn’t get a chance to come to the event? You can find the images shown (and many more!) online at

visitors looking at photographs on display

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