Archives Month: Quizzo 2016

Q: What is the best way to have fun and learn Philadelphia trivia at the same time? A: Philly History Quizzo for Archives Month!



Archives Month Philly’s third annual Philly History Quizzo competition was held on October 18th at National Mechanics. 21 teams participated, including Franklinstein, the Philly Cheese Mistakes, Born Analog, the Marie Furies, and Buchanan’s Backdoor Bandits. There were four rounds: general questions, photo identification, Philadelphia parks history, and a map round – “I’m a historic marker. Where am I?”


At the end of the night, one team was victorious: the Edge-u-cated Heels. Prizes also went to runners-up teams, last place “booby” prize, and for best team name: Sugary Drinks Tax Riots of 2017.

Of course, the real prizes were those that could be enjoyed by all – good times, historical trivia, and Philadelphia-philia.



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