DVAG’s New Diversity and Inclusion Recognition Award



DVAG’s Committee on Diversity and Inclusion is pleased to announce its new Diversity and Inclusion Recognition Award!

The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CoDI) was formed by DVAG as a result of multiple discussions about the lack of inclusion and the need for diversity in the archival community. Its mission is to use DVAG’s services to foster and support an inclusive and respectful environment for members of both DVAG, and the general Delaware Valley archival community. At its conception, CoDI was chaired by Rayna Andrews and is currently co-chaired by Jasmine Clark and Hoang Tran. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Recognition Award (DIRA) is CoDI’s first initiative in pursuit of its mission. This award looks to acknowledge the accomplishments of an individual, institution, or archival program that demonstrates efforts to foster greater appreciation and the advancement of diversity and inclusiveness in the archives profession within the Delaware Valley. Winners will be awarded $200 with nominations accepted through September 30. To learn more about who is eligible to apply, or how to do so, see the Diversity and Inclusion Recognition Award page.

We look forward to reading your submissions and learning about the work being done to increase representation within the Delaware Valley archival community!

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