AMP 2018 – Bibliococktails Presented By the Rosenbach

Posted on behalf of Annie Halliday

Exhibit at the Rosenbach. Books in class cases with crystal chandelier hanging from center of the room.

Bibliococktails was presented by the Rosenbach as part of Archives Month Philadelphia. The event was centered around the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. The mood was set by spooky storm sound effects and they served a themed cocktail called the Mount Tambora.

Event attendees drinking and mingling.

The drink was named after the volcano that erupted the summer of 1818, which created the dark and scary atmosphere in which Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein. The Rosenbach posted conversation starters related to the novel and snacks set out for the book and archives enthusiasts that attended. Bibliococktails is offered by the Rosenbach the second Friday of every month.

Speaker in from of a small group of listeners sitting or standing at cocktail tables.

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