2018 Year End Report from the Membership Coordinator

As of December 31, 2018, DVAG had 246 paid members, one shy of 2017’s record high.

We welcomed 28 new members in 2018, with 25 of those joining at the one-year $15 rate while only three joined at the three-year $40 rate. This stronger than usual preference for one-year memberships may be a result of the dues increase at the start of 2018, though time will tell. Looking ahead, at year’s end DVAG already had 147 paid members for 2019.

In 2018 DVAG hosted nine events, drawing a combined attendance of over 200 people. The three biggest draws were presentations on 19th century photographs (38) and copyright/rights statements (35), and the annual end-of-year potluck (35). Other events included two panel discussions on women’s archives, a debrief of SAA’s 2018 annual meeting, and tours of the archives at Morris Arboretum, Shane Confectionery, and Independence National Historical Park.

In other news, in 2018 DVAG launched a new Donations Form, accessible from the DVAG website or the DVAG membership renewal form. This will make it easier for members to direct their donation dollars to the funds of their choice, as well as help them indicate how they would prefer their donation be credited. DVAG has already received three donations since the form’s official launch in late November.

I enjoyed serving DVAG and interacting with members during my two-year term as Membership Coordinator, and in January turn over the role to Sara Borden of Rowan University.

–Shaun Kirkpatrick


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