Reporting from Austin … continued!

Hi everyone!

This is Alex Palma again. I just wanted to update you all on the work I’ve been doing following my trip to Austin in July.

As I said in my last blog post, as part of my DVAG grant, I signed up to do interviews with attendees of the conference. Linked below, you’ll find the final product of the interviews I did during my time at Archives * Records 2019.

Here you’ll find the youtube links for five of the interviews I did while I was in Austin.

You may recognize a few of the interviewees, particularly Hillary Kativa of the Science History Institute, who works in the Philadelphia Area and is a member of DVAG. Likewise, you’ll probably also recognize Danna Bell, who is a former president of SAA.

I’m really beyond thrilled that I had this opportunity. I want to use this platform also to public thank DVAG for it’s generosity in sending me to SAA and also for the guidance that’s been afforded to me by those in various leadership positions among DVAG throughout this project..

Special thanks to Holly Mengel who went so far as to set up a DVAG youtube channel for me to utilize for this project!

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