Year-End Report from the Chair

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is already coming to a close, but it gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect on what a busy and exciting year DVAG has had.
Our Programming Committee planned a diverse slate of events, starting with our first meeting of the year at Swarthmore College on digital preservation and web archiving, followed by a rare books talk and tour at the Rosenbach and a community archives panel at Girard College, and concluding with our 4th annual holiday potluck, this year at the Library Company’s Cassatt House. They also found time to organize a picnic at Woodlands Cemetery and a behind-the-scenes tour of  the University of Pennsylvania’s conservation lab. Keep an eye out for more programming coming soon, and if you have any suggestions for topics or locations, please reach out to
In addition to meetings and events DVAG also offered two awards, the SAA Travel Grant and the Diversity and Inclusion Recognition Award. This year we were able to give out $2250 to support 2 DVAG members attending SAA in Austin, TX. Our winners were Alex Palma and Kat Antonelli, who planned a great conference wrap-up event this summer at the South Street PHS Beer Garden to share their experiences. We also accepted nominations this year for our 2nd Diversity and Inclusion Recognition Award, which was awarded to the South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA) for their work documenting, preserving, and sharing stories of South Asian Americans generally as well as their local work hosting Revolution Remix walking tours.
As you know, we recently held our 2019 officer elections. We are excited to be joined by Erica Harman (Vice Chair), Mary Hanes (Secretary), Shaun Kirkpatrick (Treasurer), Alex Palma (At-Large Member), and Sarah Leu (At-Large Member). With these new members joining the Planning Committee we also bid farewell to several outgoing PC members – Lillian Kinney (At-Large Member), Nicole Joniec (Secretary), Hoang Tran (Treasurer), and Ken Cleary (Vice Chair, Chair, and Immediate Past Chair). Thank you all so much for the hard work and time you have given to DVAG these past years. The PC would not have been the same without your dedication – thank you!
To conclude, 2019 was an exciting time for DVAG and its membership, and I hope you enjoyed being a part of this organization. Every individual member makes DVAG what it is, and I feel so lucky that we have such an engaged and dedicated membership. It’s been a pleasure serving as your Chair this year, and I know you will be in good hands with our incoming Chair, Caroline Hayden. I hope you all have a Happy New Year, and if you have ideas for DVAG events or initiatives, please don’t hesitate to email
Kelsey Duinkerken, Chair
Delaware Valley Archivists Group

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