“It Came from the Archives” – The Trestle Inn

Two dozen lovers of archival film gathered in the Trestle Inn on Oct. 16 for a screening of fun and unusual short films from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Science History Institute, the Hagley Library, Carpenters Hall, and the Catholic Historical Research Center.

All were memorable:  a bicentennial trip through Philadelphia; musings from an artist obsessed…with ice bags; mid-century sales pitches for Saran Wrap and Teflon; Ben Franklin as Carpenters Hall tour guide; and Catholic TV snippets including mimes, puppets, a saint’s death mask, and the Marvel comic book hero perhaps least likely to get a new blockbuster movie, St. Francis (“Brother of the Universe”).

A recurring feature of Archives Month Philly, keep an eye out for another screening in 2020!

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