Delaware Valley Archivists Group’s statement on Abuse in the Workplace

As a professional association, DVAG has a responsibility to tend to the well-being and dignity of its members. As such, we want make a public commitment to the following:
DVAG believes that all GLAM professionals (and all people of all fields broadly) deserve to work in a safe environment, free from sexual harassment, physical abuse and harsh verbal castigation. We believe and support the people who have come out against their abusers; at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and elsewhere. We will always stand with those who have been sexually harassed and abused and we are committed to offering up safe spaces to those in our professional circles.  
DVAG likewise encourages its members to advocate for and implement policies in their workplaces (whistleblower policies, harassment policies) that serve to protect staff members from abusive behaviors perpetrated by those in positions of power.
Among its stated goals, DVAG has always sought to “provide a forum where professional issues can be discussed.” If you are interested in starting a discussion, sharing a resource or sharing an idea concerning the topic of sexual harassment in the workplace, please get in touch with the DVAG program committee or reach out to the LISTSERV. 

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