Announcing: DVAG’s Guide to Creating and Evaluating Internships

The DVAG Planning Committee is proud to announce a new resource for both archivists and archives staff who create and manage internships and for students and new archives professionals who are working as interns.

The Delaware Valley Archivists Group Guide to Internships

This guide is composed of questions that anyone creating or managing an internship should ask themselves and their administration, divided into primary and secondary queries. The primary queries are the ones that we feel are crucial to creating an ethical, thriving internship program, but all questions are designed to produce an internship that benefits every party involved: the institution, the supervising archivist, the intern, and the collections with which the intern works.

We encourage archivists to share these queries with their administration and use them to create new internships and re-evaluate existing ones. We also encourage anyone applying for an internship to keep the points raised in these questions in mind as they go through the application and interview process.

This guide was inspired by, and borrowed many suggestions from, a presentation given by Rebecca Goldman at a May 11, 2016 Delaware Valley Archivists’ Group meeting entitled, “Sea Change: A Community Approach to Archives Internships.” The queries were drafted by a working group of the Delaware Valley Archivists’ Group Planning Committee (Celia Caust-Ellenbogen, Sarah Newhouse, and Hoang Tran), with invaluable input by Taylor Barrett, Rebecca Goldman, and Peter D. Savedge. This document was endorsed by the Delaware Valley Archivists’ Group Planning Committee on September 1, 2016.  

This guide is a living document and we welcome all feedback!

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